Ghost Tours

Ghost Tours

Unlock some of the Souths chilling past with our theatrical ghost tours. Supernatural Tours and Events currently operate:

Winchester Ghost Tours

Portsmouth Ghost Tours

Southampton Ghost Tours

New Forest Ghost Tours

Windsor Ghost Tours

Our tours include live actors and plenty of scary moments. They also include real ghost stories and accounts. Many of which have been investigated by our Supernatural Team making our walks totally unique.

Our Ghost Tours have built up an impressive reputation across the South! Winchester Ghost Tours is the city's original and most popular Ghost Tour. Starting from inside the historic Royal Oak pub the tour has attracted audiences from around the world and local media. They operate on the third Tuesday of each month.

Southampton Ghost Tours is an award winnng tour and has become the citys most popular tour. Lead by Andrew Frewing-House (who plays Sir John Dawtrey) who has spent years investigating haunted places in the city. Many of the accounts he shares are ones he has experienced! The tour includes live actors, scares and access to some of the historic vaults!

In 2019 Southampton Ghost Tours achieved three awards at the Southampton Star Awards for Best Event, Here 2 There (tours) and Leading Star.

We also operate Portsmouth Ghost Tours which takes place in Old Portsmouth. Many of the experiences on this tour come from investigations we have run in the local buildings. Includes live actors, scares and so much more!

In 2017 we expanded to include New Forest Ghost Tours which currently operates around Lyndhurst and in 2018 and we launched Windsor Ghost Tours which runs regularly throughout year.

The tours are suitable for all ages and include laughs, thrills and plenty of entertainment.

Our tours last approximately 75-90 minutes and have entertained audiences from around the world as well as locals.

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