Ghost Hunts

Are you brave enough to spend an evening in one of the UK and Ireland's most haunted venues? Then take the ultimate challenge and join us on our real Ghost Hunts. These are real ghost hunts in real haunted venues.  We run them in haunted venues across the UK including:-

Fort Widley, Preston Manor, Landguard Fort, The Brighton Police Cells, Manor Farm and many more

What makes our ghost hunts different?

Our Ghost Hunts have been designed to ensure that they are interactive and include experiments as seen on TV including seances,EVP, Medium Experiments, Divination including glass, dowsing rods, Table wrapping and so much more. Our enthusiastic team are paranormal experts and mediums and will help guide you throughout the event.

Our Ghost Hunts are 100% real and include absolutely no trickery ever! We take pride in our ghost hunts and have built up an excellent reputation for keeping our ghost hunts this way!

It is impossible to guarantee paranormal activity but we can ensure that you enjoy the event!

We also run a range of themed ghost adventures including the Victorian Ghost Hunt Experience.