What happens on a Ghost Hunt?

Never done a Ghost Hunt before? Not sure whats it's all about? Let us help you out!  All of our Ghost Hunts are interactive and our professional team will be on hand throughout the event! So, here's the low down:-

Welcome to the event!

When you arrive at the venue you will be greeted by one of our staff who will sign you in and show you to the hub room. Light refreshments will be available and you will be able to meet the team and other customers!

Introductory talk

One of our Events Team will complete a short talk introducing you to Supernatural Tours and Events, the venue and to the event! We do also need to make you aware of the health and safety elements.

Our Supernatural Team will then take the reigns and explain all about the equipment and experiments you will use and take part in throughout the night.

Finally, our Medium will explain their role throughout the event. All of our talks are interactive and guaranteed to provide a laugh or two!

Group sessions

Throughout the evening you will break into smaller groups with one of our Team Leaders..but don't worry, if you booked together you'll stay together. If you are attending with someone else but booked seperately, just let us know.

Each team will get to take part in experiments and use equipment in each area of the venue during the evening.

Depending on the venue, you may also have a free sesion or big group session at either the start of end of the evening.

The wrap up

We encourage everyone to keep anything that happened through out the night a secret from the other groups. Just so it doesnt affect the other groups...psychologically of course!

At the end of the evening we will run a brief wrap up of the evening. This is interactive and we encourage you to take part and tell us what you encountered!