What is Ghost Hunting?

The answer to the question 'what is ghost hunting?' differs depending on who you speak to but for us its all about discovering the side of science that we dont yet understand using experiments and equipment.

Ghosts have been reported for thousands of year, but it was the Victorians who really increased interest in the supernatural with their fascination with contacting the dead with experiments such as seances which would often last for hours!

Whilst some of these involved trickery, there were many who believed they were contacting the other side. Interest in ghosts continued to grow with cases including Borley Rectory and the Enfield case.

In modern days exposure to the paranormal has continued to grow with a huge range of scary movies and ghost hunting TV shows such as Ghost Adventures and Most Haunted. 

Ghost Hunting is all about your own personal experiences and it should be remembered that activity can never be guaranteed and that if it does happen, it can take time. These days its about using gadgets just as much as it about using expriments which still date back to the Victorians and before!