Why choose us?

With interest in ghost hunting to continue to grow, its no suprise that there are several companies across the UK offering ghost hunting events but why should you choose us?

There are so many reasons why you shoul choose us! We date back to 2006 making us one of the longest running ghost hunting companies across the South and the UK. We have stood the test of time and we use staff who have experience working in the industry.

For many years, we have also run our own successful research organisation, the UK Paranormal Research Society (UKPRS). A well respected organisation run by renowned Paranormal experts Andrew Frewing-House and James Kemp.

We have been trusted to work with big companies including the BBC, ITV Mercure Hotels, Holiday Inn, Mary Rose Trust and appeared in magazines and on TV and radio. We have also run first evers and exclusives in venues including Buckingham House, Felton House, The Dolphin Portsmouth, The Dolphin Southampton, The Bargate, The Southampton Vaults, Gosport Museum, The Square Tower and many more!

Most importantly, our customers come first and we do not use any tricks on our events. We have built an impressive reputation for keeping it real.