Supernatural Takeover is an online convention taking place this February and will include a range of exciting workshops, demonstrations and talks. Events include:

Developing mediumship

Our very own medium James Kemp runs this special workshop looking at exercises and what you can do to develop your mediumship skills. The workshop is suitable for all experience levels.

James has worked as a medium for many years and worked on ghost hunts in the UK and America. He has run workshops and talks and worked as a medium on dining events and large scale events.

So you want to be a ghost hunter?

This workshop will be hosted by paranormal investigators Andrew Frewing-House and James Kemp. The two have worked closely together for over 15 years and worked in typevenues across the UK, appeared on TV and Radio and worked with names including Raichard Felix.

Andrew appears in the books haunted Southampton and has appeared on ITV, Living TV, BBC and many more. 

In this workshop we will take a look at the equipment and experiments used on ghost hunts, spirit development/types, theories and share experiences.

Supernatural Science and History

Throughout history, the paranormal has continued to fascinate millions. This talk focuses on famous cases, famous investigators and the science side of the paranormal. Recommended for anyone who wants to learn about parapsychology and the history of the paranormal.

More details of all the events and how you can book are coming soon....

11am- Takeover Live with Anne and Renata

Anne and Renata join us live from Australia to tell us about their experience in the paranormal and so much more! Join us on Facebook for this event.

1pm- Haunted Amsterdam with Bart De Wit

For over 15 years, Bart has shared stories of Amsterdam's haunting past and he will share them with you in this special talk! What happens after dark in this popular city for tourists?

Supernatural Live!

Supernatural Live! is our online web show hosted by Andrew Frewing-House and James Kemp. The show explores all aspects of the supernatural with special guests and topical debate.

Supernatural Live! also hosts special shows with live actors and a theatrical theme.

3pm- Witchcraft: Ancient origins to modern practices

Discover the history of witchcraft in this workshop hosted by Lyn Thurman. The workshop will uncover the practices and how the story of witchcraft in British history.

The Supernatural Edge Podcast

The Supernatural Edge is hosted by Andrew Frewing-House and delves deeper into all subjects of the paranormal. Includes special guests, the supernatural news, features and many more.

It is available on all major podcast sites and apps.

4.30pm- Supernatural Takeover Live!

Join the Takeover team for a special live show with special interviews, exclusives on what to expect from the events, chances to win and so much more! This event will be free and take place live on our Supernatural Tours and Events Facebook like page.

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7pm- 20 years of Weird Science at Goldsmiths with Professor Christopher French

Following his retirement in October last year, Professor Christopher French will reflect on the work of the Anomalistic Psychology Research University.

11am- Demonic Possession: Possible Alternative Explanations with Beth Darlington

To experience possible demonic possession is intense. Just the thought conjures fear for millions around the world. But what if there may be other ways to explain such extreme phenomena?

4.30pm- All Things Spiritual with Justine Markley

All Things Spiritual is a talk on understanding the spiritual world, ascension, how to raise your consciousness to live a better life, how to connect with your guides, angels and communicate with those that have passed.

6pm- Haunted Portsmouth Talk

From smugglers to the Duke of Buckingham, this talk digs deeper into the ghostly stories of Portsmouth.