Supernatural Tours and Events are committed to ensuring the safety of our customers, clients and staff.

Some of our events take place outside and we have measures in place to protect our team member/actors from an detriment where possible. Our actors will not make phyiscal contact with any of our guests at any point during the event and we respectfully ask the same of our customers.

Whilst we can not guarantee the safety of guests on tours, we do use public spaces on all of our outside events and take as many precautions and possibl to keep everyone safe.

All inside events are ticketed and tickets will be checked on entry to the event. We and the venues reserve the right to do searches before entry to any event and to refuse entry without refund to anyone who does not comply with our safety policies.

We reserve the the right to refuse entry or ask anyone to leave who is under the influence of any substance including alcohol or who causes distress, breaks our safety polcies or attempts or causes detriment to our team, customers or clients without refund.