Southampton Ghost Tours

Uncover the citys haunted past as you come face to face with the ghosts of the Kings guard, Sir John Dawtrey and more!

Portsmouth Ghost Tours

Old Portsmouth's chilling past comes to life as you come face to face with ghosts including the Smugglers, Duke of Buckingham and John Felton.

Ghost Stories at the Museum

In this theatrical tour, we will take you around the museum sharing the ghost stories from around Winchester.

Windsor Ghost Tours

Discover the ghosts of Windsor in this theatrical tour of the town and come face to face with the many ghosts including former royals!

Winchester Ghost Tours

Discover Winchester bloody past in the city's original and most popular ghost tour and come face to face with tormented souls including the Vikings, Sir Walter Raleigh and the Gaoler!

New Forest Ghost Tours

Check out the New Forests spine chilling past uncovered in this  ghost tour where you'll face Brusher Mills, Captain Arthur Philip and more.

Witchcraft and Torture Tour

Journey into the times where witchraft trials were a common occurence. This theatrical tour takes place in Southampton.